The Hodge Podge Music Rehearsal Studio

The Hodge Podge is an affordable professional music rehearsal facility located in New Windsor, NY.  Three fully furnished and equipped lounges rentable by the hour for your next band practice.  Each lounge has professional music gear including guitar amps, bass amp, drum kit and full PA with monitors!  Plus all lounges are comfortable and have climate control!

DRUMMERS: Please bring your own CRASH CYMBALS – We DO NOT Supply Them! THANKS!

Open 365 Days 24/7 By Appointment Call or Email for Availability and to Book NOW!

The Hodge Podge Music Rehearsal Studio!


There are vending machines with soda and snacks plus a fridge with cheap water and a place for your beverages to stay cold while you rehearse too!  PLUS All Lounges are sound proof and you can turn up as loud as you want 24/7!

Come Get LOUD at The Hodge Podge!


Starting December 1st ALL BOOKINGS will provide the studio with a $25 reservation fee on PayPal or CASH app PRIOR to their booking time and the balance is due after the scheduled session in cash, check, PayPal payment or the CASH app.

Payment can be made to our email address with no fee charged by PayPal or CASH app.

If an advanced invoice is needed there is a $5 service charge to cover the PayPal fee for invoiced payments.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Effective Dec 1st The Hodge Podge cancellation policy will be 48 hours from the time and date of your booking.  Reservation fee is non-refundable on any booking cancelled without at least 48 hour notice.  Booking can be rescheduled for another day and time but reservation fee from cancelled session will only be credited toward the new booking at the ownership discretion.

ATTENTION: Also starting January 1st our hourly rate will be $25 hour effective for 2019 and beyond.  We will have special block pricing for bands booking 3 hour slots for only $60 but can ONLY be booked 6-9pm or 8-11pm on weekdays.  (NO 7-10pm special price – $25 hour rate will apply to any 7-10 weekday slots)  Ask about other special pricing plans we have for our weekly bands because we appreciate your return business.

The additional hourly fee will provide us with much needed revenue to keep our doors open, purchase replacement equipment, replacing wires that continually walk out the door and most importantly professional cleaning services to clean up the mess many of the bands like to create during their bookings.

We will be addressing this issue as well once the studio has been professionally cleaned starting Jan 1st ANY BAND leaving behind bottle caps, wrappers, broken sticks, or garbage of ANY kind will be charged a $25 cleaning fee PRIOR to any new booking at the studio.  A recycle area is currently provided in all three lounges and we ask that ALL your empties be placed in that area prior to you and your band leaving the studio.  Once again, ANY band who leaves their mess for us to clean will be charged $25 added to their future booking reservation fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS unless you volunteer to come by and clean your mess.

Thank you in advance

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