The Hodge Podge has THREE Professional Rehearsal Lounges Available!

Only $20 per hour for bands rehearsal!

Front Room

500 sq feet of space with 9 foot ceiling

The Hodge Podge has three spacious affordable rehearsal lounges all rentals by the hour!

Main Room

800 sq feet of space 10 1/2 foot ceiling

The Hodge Podge rehearsal studios has three lounges to choose from rental by the hour!

Back Room

600 sq feet of space with 12 1/2 foot ceiling



Every lounge has a full back line of pro gear or bring your own!

Including Two Guitar Cabs & Heads , Bass Guitar Cab, Full Drum Kit minus crash cymbals and a Full PA with monitors!

Drummers MUST bring their own CRASH Cymbals – We DO NOT Supply Crash Cymbals!

The Hodge Podge Music Rehearsal Studio

Come Get LOUD at The Hodge Podge!

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