The Hodge Podge is now selling quality new and used music gear at our location and online 24/7.  Check out our store on the web for sales and new items listed daily.  Coming soon buy your strings, sticks, picks, straps, cords and other items at The Hodge Podge.  We are gearing up for you so you have somewhere local to buy your musical necessities.  Shop for less in our studio or from home in our online store on this site!

Are you looking to sell something and tired of Craigslist?  Contact us today and we will help you sell your gear with direct advertising to area musicians and online posts of your for sale items.  Then they can come to our shop and purchase your gear with no worry of anyone seeing where you live or no shows.  We only ask for a 10% donation for our work listing and marketing your product.  Call for more information!  Got Hodge?

The Hodge Podge Music Rehearsal Studio

Come Get Loud at The Hodge Podge

And Sell Your Gear Too!!

Quality New and Used Music Gear For Sale

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